Bridal Halos, Bridal Headbands & Bun Wraps  
Wear them as a Bridal Tiara, Bridal Headband or Bun Wrap 
Lightweight and versatile, custom bridal headpieces and tiaras, that can be worn as  
 Tiaras, Bridal Headbands, Wedding Bun Wraps, or Bridal Crowns. 
All of our wedding halos are hand-made 
of only the best quality materials.
Couture quality at great prices!
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prices & delivery information.
"Wave" Halo Collection
Versatile Wedding Headbands and Wedding Halos
for the entire bridal party
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 for details
Chloe & Chloe Duo
Take a look at  our  
specially priced customized
Bridal Crowns Collection!!!
$69.99- $135.00
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Delicate Bridal Headpiece
Halo or Bun Wrap
Austrian Swarovski Crystal Delicate Bridal Crown
or Bridal Bun Wrap
In addition to our collection of Bridal Headpieces and Veils, we offer customized Bridal Hair Pins and Hairsticks for the entire Bridal Party, our couture collections of New Vintage Bridal Headpieces and Vintage Tiaras, and New Vintage Bridal Jewelry,  Crystal Wedding Bouquets, and Custom Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Party Jewelry. We can also make you a Custom Bridal Headpiece to match your gown. Please let us know if we can help you in any way....
Ariana Duo
Two Delicate Austrian Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiaras
create an outrageous contemporary  version of a medieval headpiece
Porcelain Rose, Pearl & 
Swarovski Crystal Wedding Crown
or Bun Wrap
Wide Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Bridal Halo Tiara
A Feminine Pearl & 
Rhinestone Bridal Tiara 
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal  Wedding Halo or  
Bridal Bun Wrap (Shown)
Swarovski Crystal & Pearl
Bridal Headband ,Wedding Tiara
or Bridal Bun Wrap
 Pearl, Swarovski Crystal  & Rhinestone Bridal Halo
can be worn single or double
or as a Bun Wrap
Specially Priced
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone & Pearl Bridal Headband 
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  Pearl & Swarovski Crystal  
Bridal Halo, Wedding Tiara
or Bun Wrap
Spring Garden
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone & Pearl Bridal Tiara or Bun Wrap
Austrian Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Delicate Bridal Crown
or Bun Wrap
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"New" Vintage Bridal Halos & Wedding Combs
Delicate Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Bridal Tiara
Designer Bridal Headband Collection Swarovski Rhinestone Crystal 
Water Lilies
Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal 
Bun Wrap,Headband 
or Bridal Choker
  Pearl & Swarovski Crystal  
Bridal Headband or Bun Wrap
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  Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal  
Bridal Headband, Bridal Tiara or Bun Wrap
 Swarovski Crystal  & Pearl
Bridal Headband, Bridal Tiara or Bun Wrap
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal 
Bridal Bun Wrap or Bridal Tiara
"Gem Stones" Swarovski Crystal Headband
Check out our new handcrafted Swarovski Gem Stones collection!
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Forehead Band & Hair Vine Collection
Our lovely selection of vintage inspired forehead band, v-band, brow band, 
 bridal headbands and bridal hair vines are made to order for your wedding. 
Click on the pictures for details on the entire collection
I received my bridal headband today and boy was I amazed! It is so beautiful!!!I absolutely love it!
Thank you so much!
Di G.

Hi Marcia,
I received my bridal headpiece today. It is such a gorgeous headband!
Many thanks. I will be sure to send a picture.
Tahnesha S.

To everone at Headpiece Heaven,
I never thoiught that I would find such a gorgeous bridal headband!!!
Thank you for making my dreams come true!!!!!!
Jenny G.

There are many more comments throughout our site....
Swarovski Convertible
Bridal Headband  
or Bridal Bun Wrap
Silk Flower
Bun Wrap,Headband 
or Wreath