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Customized Alencon Lace Edge Bridal Veils...
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"Madrid" Mantilla Bridal Veil
Our best selling  
 Spanish Style French Alencon Lace Edge Mantilla
Choose either 1", 3" or 6 1/2" wide lace
 Alencon Lace Wedding Veils 
& Bridal Mantilla Veil Prices
We have only priced our most popular veils .
If you do not see what you need,
Please email us for a price quote.
  A sample card with color swatches of the tulle and lace is available for a fee of $15.00 including postage.
$15.00 will be credited when you place your order. 
We recommend that you order the sample card  to be sure of your choices.
Allow 3-4 weeks for veil delivery
Swatches are mailed in 2-3 days
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4 Yard Long X 108" Full Cathedral Lace Veil
Pencil edge veil with scattered small Alencon lace appliques from shoulder level to the end of the veil.
Child's Version
24" long
One of our beautiful Headpiece Heaven brides:
Jen and her adorable daughter 
wearing their matching ivory 1" wide lace mantilla style veils
3" wide French Alencon Lace
    "Madrid Mantilla"
         1" Wide French              Alencon Lace Veils
"Marbella" Gathered Lace Applique Bridal Veil
"Valencia" Mantilla Bridal Veil
3 1/2 Yards Long X 108" Full Cathedral Lace Veil with Lace Cap Design
Scalloped Satin Cord Edge with French Alencon lace lace appliques, a lace cap design 
and a few scattered pearls near the cap.
    "Marbella Mantilla"
 72" long  
"Mediterranean" Mantilla Wedding Veil
This gorgeous bridal mantilla is made with two widths of lace.
We offer both 1" with 3" French Alencon lace as pictured  OR  3" with 6 1/2" lace.
Tanya, one of our beautiful 
Headpiece Heaven brides, 
wearing the 36" long wrist length mantilla veil.
 The wider lace version of this bridal mantilla veil is made with  
3" lace on the top half and 6 1/2" French Alencon lace on the bottom.
   6 1/2" lace
    3" lace
The pattern for our Mediterranean bridal mantilla veil is: 
The narrower lace will be on the top 1/3 of the veil and the wider lace will be on the bottom 2/3, 
so the look will be a little different for each length. 
Our veils are made to order so if you would like a different "formula" we can also do that. Please contact us for a price quote.
 36" long
1" & 3" Lace 
 90" long
1" & 3" Lace
Christine, wanted a gathered veil instead of a mantilla. 
She is wearing a 90" long chapel length Mediterranean veil.
" The veil looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding, and I received so many compliments on it.  I wore it through the entire reception because I didn't want to take it off.  You did wonderful work, and I'm so glad I bought my veil from you-- the craftsmanship and customer service were excellent."

Thank you,
Alanna C.

 Alanna's veil 
was a special order 
60" length with 
2/3 narrow lace and 
1/3  wide lace  
1" & 3" Lace
Photo by
 Bryce Vickmark
    "Valencia Mantilla"
Lace Wedding Veils
Comments from some of our happy brides....

Hi there, 
Thanks so much- I can't wait to try my gorgeous matilla lace veil on with my dress.
I'll be sure to send photos along after the wedding!
All my best,

Dear Marcia,
Thank you so much; my mantilla veil was absolutely beautiful...
Patty G.

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful alencon lace veil and offering such affordable prices!  My veil matched my gown perfectly and was exactly what I envisioned!  Thank you again for your wonderful service!  Feel free to use this in any way that you need, and I am more than happy to provide a reference.
Lisa C.

Thank you-- I received my cathedral lace veil today.  It is such a beautiful veil!
Thanks very much!

I received the veil and hairpin. Both are beautiful! I will definitely send you a picture after the wedding. Thanks so much for your assistance!
Joanne G.

My mantilla veil looks just perfect. Thank you so much!
Nadia R.

Wow!  That was fast.  I will send a pic of me in it. Thanks so much!
Nancy C.

Thank you so much, I received my lace wedding veils today and they are so beautiful and well made, very nice quality and they are exactly how I wanted them! 
Ellen G.  

Hi Marcia,
I love my mantilla veil! Will send you pics when they're available. Thanks so much for your hard work and patience with all the stuff ups.
Kind Regards,

Thank you so very much, Marcia. I cannot wait to wear my mantilla veil !!!!

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1" wide French Alencon Lace
 Melanie's veil
 was a special order 
90" length with 
12" of narrow lace and 
the balance wide lace  
1" & 3" Lace
"Madrid Mantilla"
 3 " Wide French Alencon Lace
Shipping is free on orders over $250.00
    6 1/2" lace
Shipping is free on orders over $250.00
Three of our beautiful Headpiece Heaven brides 
wearing their 3" wide French Alencon lace mantilla
"Lace-Edge" Mantilla Wedding Veil   
 Choose one of our designs or
let us make you a Custom Mantilla Bridal Veil
Matte or Sparkle Tulle
We offer a large selection of 
colors, and other options
For assistance
 Email our designer
or call 
All veils and bridal mantilla are attached to 
a large metal or nylon comb.

Standard shaped veils can also be attached
  to your headpiece upon your request.

Your Chapel & Cathedral veil  can be detached from the comb with velcro

 Additional detachable layers are also available.

 45" long  
 36" long  
Our prices are being updated.
Please email us 
for a price quote.
Our prices are being updated.
Please email us 
for a price quote.