Anne is wearing 
a 30"/36" Rum-Cafe
plain edge drop veil

"Circular" or "Drop" Bridal Veils
Custom Bridal Veils made of  
Matte or Sparkle Tulle
We offer a large selection of 
colors, edging trims and other options

Pictures of one of our Customized Circular Drop Bridal Veils...
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All veils are attached to 
a large metal or nylon comb 
or to your headpiece upon your request.

Your Chapel & Cathedral veil  can be detached from the comb with velcro

 Additional detachable layers are also available.

Drop Veils
We have only included our most popular sizes.
Please email us for additional price quotes.
These prices are all based on sleek cut veils
  Color swatches are available for a fee of $15.00 including postage
which will be credited when you place your order. 
Allow 3-4 weeks for veil delivery
Swatches are mailed in 2-3 days

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Wedding Veils!
Special order plain edge 
White circular veil, 35"/45"

Expect very slight variations in lengths and widths for the different edgings
For assistance
 Email our designer
or call 
Metallic silver pencil edge veil, 
Light Ivory drop veil, 30"/26"   

$67.00   $75.00     $80.00
Our prices are being updated.
Please email us 
for a price quote.