Something Old #9011
"Vintage Rhinestone & Antique Silver Filigree 
Forehead Band Tiara"
This striking "one-of-a-kind" bridal headpiece is designed with 
vintage antique silver filigree and Swarovski rhinestone crystals.  

This "new" vintage bridal tiara is 
1 1/4" wide in the center and 5 3/4" long along the base of the forehead design.
It attaches to the hair with two combs at the ends and is designed so you can wear it as either a bridal tiara or as a forehead band.
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This stunning headpiece can be worn as forehead band

as a bridal tiara
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Maria wore a very similar headpiece from our collection:


I still a newlywed..hehe...though it is two years ago (17 of October 2009).

After the wedding, my mind went into a lot of focus on the home, and therefore I forgot to mail you our photo from the wedding...

Here we are, two years ago; hope that this photo can bring you joy, as much as that day gave us. I was truely amazed by the headpiece, and will turn the jewlery into a beautyful necklace to use in the future.

Thank you so much for our safe and professional handling of the order, and for your lovely store...

All good thoughts for you and the future, you make alot of brides happy...

Love from over here in Norway!

Maria J
Kristiansand, Norway 
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