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Special Order
Vintage Rhinestone Button Tiara
~Italian Renaissance Jewel Tones~

Made for an Italian Renaissance
theme wedding
~How We Work on Custom Designs~
  It's So Easy!
Step 1
If possible, send a picture of your dress. 
Speak to us or email us about what 
you are looking for.
We are happy to try to work within your budget.

Step 2
If you require sketches before we begin working with you, there is a flat design fee of $25.00. If your order is over $125.00 the $25.00 fee will be credited when you place your order. 
We give you our ideas, prices and suggestions
and once you place your order, including your deposit, 
we mail you templates for shape and size, beads for approval,  or whatever else is necessary for us to know before we begin your headpiece.
We require a 50% deposit for custom orders before we begin any actual work which will include the credit of the $25.00. 
Step 3
We begin the headpiece and send you a picture of the work in progress for your approval.
At this point, we can still make changes.

Step 4
A beautiful finished product, made to match your gown.

The above tiara was made entirely of glittery Austrian Swarovski crystals!

Special Order
Swarovski Crystal & Bugle Bead Tiara
Beautifully made to match the colors and pattern of this gown!

Because we have had so many requests for this design, we have added it to our line.
Click here for inforrmation.
Special Order
Hairsticks & Coordinating Jewelry
Beautifully made to match each other 
and the pattern on the bride's gown
A few of our recent custom designs are pictured below.....
Special Order
Swarovski Crystal & 
French Wire Tiara
Beautifully made to match the detailing on this gown!
To see a few more of our recent custom designs 
please click here.
Special Order
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Starfish Bridal barrettes
Special Order
Swarovski Crystal Starfish 
Bridal headband style tiara
Special Order
Shell Tiara and Bouquet
Soo's Aquarium Wedding
Two Special Orders
Outrageous Swarovski Crystal 
Pageant Tiaras
Special Order
Gorgeous CustomTikka Headpiece, 
Matching Earrings and Rhinestone Bouquet
Thank you so much my earrings, bouquet and tikka. 
They are beautiful and exacly what I wanted. 
Paulette T.
If you are interested in price quotes and design ideas 
for a custom headpiece, custom tiara, custom wedding veils,
 jewelry or bouquet, please take a minute to answer a few 
questions so that we may be able to best serve your needs! 
We will respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri with pictures and prices!