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The Language of Wedding Flowers
Flower Meanings for Your Wedding Flowers

As every flower lover knows that flowers have a language all their own.
In Victorian times people used them as symbols with specific meanings.  
Today, since even the experts disagree on the true meanings of many flowers,
 there are no longer any hard and fast rules.
Over time, different varieties have developed personal and 
varied meanings for different people, representing special moments in their own lives.
So, while flowers generally convey thoughtfulness and love, 
below are some of the more traditional meanings we have compiled for you from several sources.
Have fun! 

Acacia--Chaste Love

Alstroemeria--Friendship, devotion

Amaryllis--Pride, splendid beauty, drama  
(The principal irritant Lycorine is present in small amounts. Keep away from animals and small children)

Ambrosia--Your love is reciprocated.

Anemone--Symbolizes anticipation. On a darker note also symbolizes fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken.

Anthurium--Hospitality, happiness and abundance

Apple Blossom--Hope, good fortune, promise

Arbutus--Devoted love

Aster--Patience, elegance, contentment

Azalea (Chinese symbol of womanhood)--Fragile, Passion

Baby’s Breath--Pure heart

Bachelor’s Button or Cornflower--Hope, devotion, love, celibacy, single blessedness   

Begonia--Deep thoughts


Bells of Ireland--Good luck

Bird of Paradise--Joyfulness, magnificence, exciting and wonderful anticipation


Bluebells--Constancy, Humility

Bouvardia--Enthusiasm, zest for life


Calla Lily--Magnificence, beauty. White symbolizes purity and innocence

Camellia (Pink)--Attraction, fascination & love

Camellia (Red)--Excellence

Camellia (White)--Perfect loveliness

Carnation (General)--Pride & beauty

Carnation (Pink)--Remembrance

Carnation (Purple)--Capriciousness

Carnation (Red)--Love, pride, admiration

Carnation (Solid Color)--Yes

Carnation (Striped)--No

Carnation (White)--Sweet & Lovely, innocence, pure love

Carnation (Yellow)--Disappointment

Cattail--Peace, prosperity

Chrysanthemum (General)--Fidelity, optimism, joy, long life

Chrysanthemum (Red)--Love

Chrysanthemum (White)--Truth

Chrysanthemum (Yellow)--Slighted love

Cornflower--See Bachelor’s Button


Crystals--Meanings will be added soon

Cyclamen--Modesty, shyness

Daffodil--Regard, joy, devotion, chivalry, new beginnings, eternal life.  A single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicate joy and happiness.

Daisy--Innocence, purity, loyal love

Dandelion--Faithfulness, happiness

Delphinium--Lightness, levity

Fern--Sincerity, magic, beauty, fascination


Flax--Domestic symbol

Flowering Almond--Hope

Forget-me-not--True love, remembrance


Freesia--Innocence, thoughtfulness


Gardenia--Purity, joy, sweetness

Geranium--Stupidity, folly

Gerbera Daisy--Cheerfulness

Gladiola--Strength of character, faithfulness, honor

Gloxinia--Love at first sight

Heather (Lavender)--Admiration, solitude, beauty 

Heather (White)--Good luck

Heliotrope--Devotion, faithfulness

Hibiscus--Delicate beauty 

Holly--Domestic happiness

Honeysuckle--Devotion, generous & devoted affection, bonds of love

Hyacinth (General)--Playfulness, sporty attitude 

Hyacinth (Blue)--Constancy

Hyacinth (Pink & Red)--Play 

Hyacinth (Purple)--Sorrow

Hyacinth (White)--Loveliness 

Hyacinth (Yellow)--Jealousy

Hydrangea--Heartfelt emotion

Iris (Fleur-de-lis, Emblem of France)--Eloquence

Iris (Blue)-Faith, hope

Iris (Purple)--Wisdom

Iris (White)--Purity

Iris (Yellow)--Passion

Ivy--Fidelity, wedded love, eternal friendship, marriage


Jasmine--Amiability, joy, attachment, grace, elegance


Larkspur-- Laughter, levity, lightness


Lemon Blossom--Fidelity

Lilac (General)--Youthful innocence, confidence

Lilac (Field)--Charity

Lilac (Purple)--First love

Lilac (White)--Humility, innocence

Lily (Chinese Symbol for Mother)--Beauty, elegance, gaiety, innocence, majesty, pride, purity, virtue

Lily (Day)--Coquetry

Lily (Eucharis)--Maiden charms

Lily (Tiger)--Wealth, pride

Lily of the Valley--Sweetness, return to happiness

Magnolia--Perseverance, love of nature, nobility


Marigold--Affection, grief, desire for riches


Mimosa--Sensitivity, secret love


Mistletoe (Sacred Plant of India)--Affection, perseverance


Morning Glory--Affection

Moss--Maternal love

Myrtle (Hebrew Emblem of Marriage)--Love, remembrance




Orange Blossoms--Bridal festivities, chastity, eternal love, fertility, happiness, marriage, prosperity, purity, virginity, rare beauty

Orange Mock--Deceit

Orchid (Chinese Symbol for Many Children)--Exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm, proud and glorious femininity

Palm Leaves--Victory

Pansy--Think of me

Peach Blossom--Captive

Peony--Happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity 






Poppy (General)--Imagination, eternal sleep

Poppy (Red)--Pleasure

Poppy (White)--Consolation

Poppy (Yellow)--Wealth


Protea--Change, diversity, courage

Queen Anne’s Lace--Complexity, delicateness

Ranunculus--Radiant charm

Rose (General)--Love, friendship

Rose (Black, Dark Crimsom)--Death, farewell 

Rose (Blue)--Unattainable 

Rose (Bridal White, Cream)--Happy love 

Rose (Coral, Salmon)--Desire, enthusiasm 

Rose (Dark Pink)--Thankfulness 

Rose (Green)--Prosperity, good health 

Rose (Lavender)--Adoration 

Rose (Mixed White and Red- Flower Symbol of England)--Unity

Rose (Orange)--Passion, energy 

Rose (Peach)-- Admiration, modesty, sociability 

Rose (Pink)--Grace, elegance, friendship 

Rose (Red)--Romantic love, passion 

Rose (White)--Purity, innocence 

Rose (Yellow)--Friendship 

Rosebud (General)--Beauty, youth, purity

Rosebud (Moss)--Confession of love 

Rosebud (Red)--Pure, lovely 

Rosebud (White)--Girlhood
Rose Leaf--Hopefulness

Sage--Wisdom, domestic virtue

Shells--Represents tides of emotions


Snapdragon--Graciousness, strength


Spider Flower--Elope with me


Stephanotis--Happiness in marriage

Stock--Lasting beauty, happy life

Sunflower--Adoration, pure thoughts, dedicated love

Sweet Basil--Good wishes

Sweet Pea--Blissful, delicate & lasting pleasures, departure  

Sweet William--Gallantry

Tea Rose--Remembrance


Tuberose--Dangerous pleasures

Tulip (Flower Emblem of Holland)-Love, perfect lover, happiness  

Tulip (Red)--Love   

Tulip (Variegated)--Beautiful eyes  

Tulip (Yellow)--Hopeless love, sunshine     


Violet--Modesty, faithfulness

Violet (White)--Risk  

Water Lily--Purity of heart     


Wood Sorrel--Joy, maternal love, tenderness

Zinnia (General)--Remembrance

Zinnia (Magenta)--Lasting affection   
Zinnia (Scarlet)--Constancy

Zinnia (White)--Goodness   
Zinnia (Yellow)--Daily remembrance

If you know of any flowers that we missed, please let us know.